New book to be launched on 24 Oct 2013

Lost in France is an erotic contemporary romance novel (which means lots of steamy sex scenes) set in Paris, the city of Love and Romance. Part 1 of 3 in the exciting new series Rebecca’s Sins.
     Offered a thrilling new job, Rebecca flees her tormented past, putting as much distance between herself and her ex-lover, wanting a fresh start in a foreign city.
     On the airplane she meets Alain, a dangerously handsome Frenchman, who seduces her with his charming European ways. But her new boss, ├╝ber arrogant CEO, Maxwell Grant, doesn't like her entanglement with the Frenchman; he wants Rebecca to himself ...
     Rebecca hates her boss and tells him in so many words – a career limiting move if ever there was one ...
     Is Rebecca jumping from one hotter-than-hell fire into another? And will she finally find what she is looking for?

Available on Amazon from 24 October 2013.

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