Attitude of Gratitude

Finally, after several months of late nights and lots of angst and agony, my first book has gone live on Amazon. It's like releasing one's young from the nest. I've fed and nurtured this story for a long, long time. It grew from a vague idea to a ninety thousand word document.
     The characters came to life first in my head and then in my heart. They grew larger than life. They stayed with me day and night, 24/7. There was no escaping them. They had a life of their own, and they constantly told me what they were thinking and feeling. Heck, they even chose their own names!
     Natalie made her own decisions, her own choices. I merely recorded her story as it played out like a movie in front of my mind's eye. I lived every twist and turn, every emotion, and every sad and joyous moment of her and Nick's relationship. Even when drifting off to sleep, or while in the shower, or when doing daily chores like cooking and cleaning, a fragment of dialogue would pop into my head, and I'd rush to my computer or notebook to jot it down.
     At last, after many long days of editing, polishing, and, alas, many hours of procrastination, the manuscript was ready. And I was ready to let go of it. Proud that I could finally type 'The End'. Just like in the movies.
     Now, I have different fears. Will others want to read Natalie's story? Will they enjoy it? Will the characters resonate with them? I've thrown down the gauntlet to the readers out there - there is no turning back.
     My wish is that readers will love Open Your Eyes and will identify with the characters. I also sincerely hope that this book will spice up more than a few love lives!
     Writers invest not only their creative juices, but also their hearts, when they put pen to paper. And this shows in the thoughts and actions of the characters. Do I see bits of myself in Natalie? Am I a little in love with Nick? Yes, for sure.

Warmest regards
Jani Kay

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