What happened to "No Regrets"?

So here's what happened over the festive season: my laptop crashed!!! Yes, I freaked out!!!
     I hadn't backed up 3 WIPs I was working on. SO, while the computer man was trying to retrieve my data, I was frustrated and angry... what better way to channel all that energy than into a sexy, badass, foulmouthed biker called Ryder?? lol
     So, since I have to rewrite No Regrets (Firebird Trilogy Book 2), it will only be available in June 2014, AFTER the release of Two Worlds Colliding. I was 2/3 finished with it, so I am STILL mourning the loss of all that work.
     And yes, now I TRIPLE back up - including to Dropbox. I learned my lesson the really hard way (always thought it only happens to other people -lol)
     I am really sorry for the delay, however the MC series would not have happened if it weren't for the computer crash.
     Unfortunately if I want to release well written and edited novels, they take time - I wish I could write faster.

You can add Book 2 from the Firebird Series to your GR TBR.

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Jani Kay

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