Fiction meets real life

Just so you know, I'm having my fair share of hick-ups with this damn publishing world.
     Remember my computer crash in December and what a fun Christmas I had losing all that work to a virus? Well, just when I thought that was the worst thing that could happen, I was proved wrong.
     On Saturday morning – one hour before I was due to do a Blog takeover to release the beautiful new cover for 'Open Your Eyes' – I quickly checked my email.
     Well, knock me over with a f*cking feather, if there wasn't an email from The PRESIDENT of the Scorpions MC in Dallas, TEXAS - not happy with Jani Kay using that name for a sexy series of MC novels. To say I was freaking out, is an understatement. Especially when I looked them up on Google images and saw how REAL they were!!!
     The REAL Scorpions MC - who have been in US since 1965 – and have several Chapters US wide, have a strong allegiance to their club name. I totally respect that and never meant any disrespect to real people.
     Sooo, understanding their point of view and being smart enough to choose my battles wisely, I explained myself to the Prez and we agreed that I could change the name to SCORPIO STINGERS MC, which is what I've done.
     So here is how it happened: I'd Googled 'Scorpio MC' when I did my research and found no MC clubs with that name. My son, who I have dedicated the book to, is a Scorpio. Then one of my beta readers suggested I use Scorpions, and it sounded cool, so I changed the name without checking. Dumbass move on my part, yeah?
     Anyway, it ended well. I have been invited to The Scorpions MC clubhouse for a steak and a beer in Dallas by the Pres of that chapter and once 'Two Worlds Colliding' goes to print, he wants a signed copy of my book.
     Let me say, when I started writing about MC clubs, I didn't really know what I was getting into. Now I have the President of McKinney Chapter TEXAS of the REAL Scorpions MC on my friends list and am tempted to go back to Dallas as I believe Bob makes some of the BEST steaks on the planet.

And I can't help smiling at this message:

     Please stay in touch.
     President McKinney Chapter
     Scorpions MC (TEXAS)

Sometimes REAL LIFE is stranger than FICTION. True story!!!
     So: I have submitted the new name 'Scorpio Stinger MC' to all the ebook retailers and that will be the new series name going forward. Win/win for all :-)
     On that note, I have spend a huge amount of time I should've been writing 'Two Worlds Colliding' on sorting this issue out. BUT, I am still aiming for the original release date of 18 March 2014. (and yes, that cover will change too as soon as Ari, my lovely cover designer can get to it).
     If you haven't read Scorpio Stinger MC ~ RYDER (Prequel) yet, I suggest you do before you read TWO WORLDS COLLIDING in March.

Add to your Goodreads TBR: RYDER

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